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Black Hair Industry Statistics 2018 – AliExpress Focused

Today we’re going to take a short talk about current human hair market in China. 

Figures from AliExpress show that at least one human hair wig will be sold every 2 seconds and one year’s total hair sales on AliExpress can reach 150 millions of dollars.

The manager of AliExpress hair category Qianqing Ni shared, AliExpress’ total hair sales amount in Euramerican market is growing at an annual rate of 50% while the annual growing rate in African market is 100%-300%. The ratio of man versus woman is 1:100, women are the main buyers for their strong pursuit of beauty.

The manager of Henan Rebecca hair company said that every September and October are the busiest months among one year for big orders and labor shortage. Labor shortage is a big problem for current hair industry. Young people don’t want to work in hair factories since making good hair weaves & wigs take great techniques and patience. It’s not easy to learn for young people. They prefer good-looking and easy-to-do jobs. To solve labor shortage, Henan Rebecca has set up new factories in Cambodia, Nigeria and Ghana.

The human hair industry is a sunrise industry and it is expected to cross the annual $10 billion mark by 2025.

source: CIHF

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