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Wholesale Hair Bundles In Bulk From AliExpress Is Available Again!

We can wholesale hair bundles in bulk from AliExpress now! In the past year, we are only allowed to buy one hair bundle at one time. It means if we planed to buy 3 hair bundles along with a closure or frontal, we needed to add them into cart one by one. A while ago, we’re allowed to buy 3 or 4 hair bundles with closure at one time. Now we’re allowed to buy 10pcs (or 5 pcs) hair bundles with same length at one time! The change means AliExpress is allowing its hair vendors to provide both wholesale and retail hair business.

Why we wholesale hair bundles in bulk from AliExpress?

It’s safer to wholesale hair bundles in bulk from AliExpress than individual hair stores.

In 2017, many new hair stores and sellers appeared due to the forbidden of AliExpress on wholesale hair business. Many brave girls tried them and most failed for bad quality hair, high prices and bad service.

If we buy hair from AliExpress, we can ask for refund if we’re not satisfied with the received hair. If the seller refuses, we can ask for help from AliExpress and open a dispute. Most of us can take our money back while some other girls accept to exchange hair bundles.

If we buy hair from individual hair stores or sellers, the only thing we can do is to contact with the sellers. If they refuse to respond, we can do nothing but to wait. The chances for taking our money back or an exchange are very very small.

So I strongly recommend AliExpress ( instead of individual hair stores (sellers) if you want to buy hair from China!

Soon many AliExpress hair vendors will list their wholesale hair bundles in their stores. Here’re the ones who have already listed their wholesale hair bundles:

Click the below link to check all listed wholesale hair bundles in bulk from AliExpress:

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