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The Real Truth about AliExpress 11.11 Sale

by Helen

Can I tell you I attended every Taobao’s sale since 2009? You may feel confused what’s Taobao and what does it have to do with AliExpress? Simply speaking, Taobao can be recognized as the real mother of AliExpress. Both of them belong to Alibaba group and are Alibaba’s major businesses.

So I really think I can be the one who can you the real truth of AliExpress since I’m the one who have bought and will buy many many things on sale. With years’ shopping experiences with sale, I can tell you how to save more and avoid spending wasting money.


What’s AliExpress Sale?

Firstly let’s make one thing clear that Sale is also called Single’s Day sale due to the repeating ones in the date. Annual AliExpress 11.11 Sale starts on November 11 at 12.00 PST. The whole sale will last as long as 24 hours. Will you have the chance to save big money? Yes, you will. Will you have the chance to get cheated and pay more compared to usual days? Yes, you will? Why? Keep reading, please!

Undoubtedly there’re many AliExpress sellers who will up their “regular” prices. If you’re familiar with the products you plan to buy, you will find the price cheats easily. If you’re new to the store and never know the prices, I’ll wish you GOOD LUCK.

Luckily there’re only a few sellers who will up the regular prices to cheat buyers, most will hook us up with good deals. There’re many AliExpress sellers who sell at rockbottom prices to generate enough sales in order to raise their feedback levels.

Here I want to share my useful tips. I definitely believe that they will help you to get the best 11.11 sale deals.


Best AliExpress Sale Shopping Tips:

  1. Never buy the items you don’t need no matter how cheap it is, how low the discount is.
  2. Make your 11.11 shopping list in advance. Add the products you plan to buy to the cart and know their regular prices.
  3. Try to buy the products with more than 60% off on 11.11 sale day since seldom products are sold with 60% off in regular days.
  4. Keep trimming your 11.11 sale shopping list until November 11 starts. You will find there’re many unnecessary products you don’t need to buy.
  5. How to find the best 11.11 deals: I never searched by #product #tag. I always checked my favorite stores one by one. In another word, I never bought things from the stores I’m not familiar with.
  6. BACKUP!!! 11.11 sale is a real good chance to buy backup products. I once bought 20 pairs of winter socks from the store I once bought its socks.
  7. Check if the seller has coupons. You may save even more after the existing discount.


Thanks for your reading, my dear friends. If you decide to participate in AliExpress 11.11 sale, check our lists (http://blackhairclub.com/category/aliexpress-11-11-sale/) to see if there is anything else you may like. Wish all you guys can have a happy 11.11 shopping day!

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