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Top 10 Best Camping Tents on AliExpress 2022

by Helen

A proper camping tent is the first and most important factor to guarantee a perfect outdoor activity. A proper camping tent should be safe and comfortable!

When choosing a camping tent, you should consider what conditions the tent will be used, including climatic zone, type of travel, season and style of vacation.

How to Choose Best Camping Tents:

  • Tent poles: Aluminum is not deformed, easily repaired, but expensive. Fiberglass and plastic can not be repaired, but are cheaper. 
  • Number of layers: Waterproof single-layer models collect condensate on the walls, double-layer versions (with tarpaulin) better protect against rain.
  • Water resistance: It can be from 600 to 10,000 mm of water column, the figure means the water pressure per 1 m² of the fabric, at which the first drop seeps through the material.
  • The strength of the material: They use nylon, lavsan, polyester with a weave “Tafeta”, “Oxford” and “Rip-stop”.
  • The quality of the seams: They should be glued.
  • Number of entrances and presence of mosquito nets: Locks and sliders of entrance doors should walk without jams.
  • Customer feedback and ratings.
  • The manufacturer’s reputation.
  • Setup: You need to make sure is if the tent you will buy is easy to set up. Most campers like to spend less time setting up tents  and as a beginner, you’re going to need something relatively easy with straightforward instructions.
  • Size: You should make sure the tent is big enough for the number of people accompanying you. Tents are usually available from single occupancy to family sized tents that can accommodate up to 8 people. You need to choose accordingly to make sure your camping trip is a comfortable one.
  • Wind Resistance: You have to pick the right tent with the appropriate levels of wind resistance depending on where you’re going to set up camp. Tents generally come with belts and heavy-duty ropes that you can use to fasten the tent to the ground to surrounding trees.

Top 10 Best Camping Tents on AliExpress 2022



#1 Large Camping Tent TY-3017


This camping tent looks more like a tunnel from an amusement park than a camping tent. It is designed for 5-8 people, the length of the product reaches 480 cm, the height – 210 cm. The tent is made of waterproof fabric Oxford 210D, tent poles – of fiberglass. There is a large vestibule for evening gatherings or storage of things. The interior space is conditionally divided into two rooms, but there is no partition between them. Outside there are windows with nets, providing ventilation.

In reviews the quality of tent manufacturing is praised. The fabric is strong, there are no odors, seams are smooth and neat. This camping tent is assembled and disassembled quickly, even beginners will cope with it. The only weakness of the product is the bottom part – it is better to put a tarpaulin there when it rains.

Buy Link: https://s.click.aliexpress.com/e/_AnpioT

#2 HUI LINGYANG throw tent


The design of this tent allows for quick and easy installation. Even a person who is far from tourism will cope with this task. So it is the best solution for camping, car or motorcycle rides, when you’re planning an overnight stay outdoors. It is enough to simply remove the tent from the cover, fix the bottom with pegs and spread the tent. Such a thing will be useful when you are going through multi-day hiking trails, especially if the rain falls on the road.

The skeleton at the tent is strong and stable, it withstands the gusts of wind perfectly. However, heavy rain is more difficult for her. As the tent does not have an additional tent, it can get wet without shelter. Reviews confirm this. Otherwise, buyers on the seller’s page praise this product and recommend it for purchase.

Buy Link: https://s.click.aliexpress.com/e/_ApiqSJ



Inside SamCamel S-T212 there are two rooms that can accommodate 8-10 people. This camping tent is really big, its size is 430*305*200 cm. Unfortunately, and it weighs a lot, more than 16 kg. The manufacturing material is polyester 210 T, its water resistance level is 4500 mm (6000 mm at the bottom), protection from the sun – UV50. The construction here is strong enough: steel pipes, fiberglass pole and front door stand. All around the tent there are windows with mosquito nets. In good weather you can clean the walls and relax in the tent under a canopy.

The quality of SamCamel S-T212 materials and workmanship is praised in the reviews. Despite its high weight, the tent does not take much space in the assembled form (68*26*26 cm). The complete set is complete, the seller reliably packages the product, so that damage in the process of shipment are excluded. The only drawback of the model is the lack of instructions.

Buy Link: https://s.click.aliexpress.com/e/_9u4rQ7



Shanghai 4Season Camping S-T808 is a typical beach tent in soft blue. It is made of 170 T fabric with UV50 UV protection level. Inside it fits no more than two people, so this model can be considered a child’s play. It weighs only 1.25 kg, the set includes 4 pegs and a carrying bag. The material is single-layer, instead of the door here is a mesh, also it is placed on all perimeter of the bottom part of the tent. Thanks to this, the air will get inside and it will not be hot. Of course, this model is not suitable for winter fishing, but it is not required. It will be able to protect kids and adults from the sun, will provide a comfortable rest on the beach or in the woods.

In reviews write that S-T808 easily folds up, it is convenient to carry with itself. The instruction is not included in the kit, so it is better to look for video of the assembly on the Internet. The drawbacks of the product include a weak smell, but it quickly weathered. Another disadvantage – pegs are thin and light, they do not hold in the sand.

Buy Link: https://s.click.aliexpress.com/e/_AW03Cf



For cycling tours they always choose the lightest tourist tent possible. The presented variant is one of the best sleeping houses for mountain climbing and bicycle trips. Its advantages will be appreciated by single tourists. Minimal weight (about a kilogram), simple design and fast assembly are the things that are present in this product. The product can also be ordered in a two-seater version. On the seller’s website there is a video that will help to quickly understand the principle of tent assembly.

The racks are made of light aluminum, which has a positive effect on the overall weight. The tent is thin, but quite durable. In reviews write that the rain test tent passes without problems. The quality of the fittings is pleasantly surprised: the stretch marks are made of light-repellent cord, zippers do not slip, all fastenings are in place. On quality of sewing and gluing of seams buyers have no claims. The model is designed for hiking in the warm season. It is suitable for people up to 195 cm.

Buy Link: https://s.click.aliexpress.com/e/_99w3Yn

#6 Naturehike Star River Camping Tent NH17T012-T


This camping tent is named Naturehike Star River and very popular. The price range for this tent is from $140 to $180.

The star river tent is designed for two people and comes in Green, Gray and Orange.

The weight ranges from 2.1 kgs to 2.3 kgs. The tent fly, inner tent and bottom tent is made up of 20D Nylon with a silicone coating.

It has 7001 aluminum poles. It has two openings in the front and back and a window pocket for ample ventilation and to reduce condensation.

The snow skirt can be purchased separately to protect from snow. It has a 110 cms height.

The folded tent has a length of 45 cos and a height of 15cms.

Buy Link: https://s.click.aliexpress.com/e/_ArjI95

#7 Naturehike Cloud Up Series Ultralight Camping Tent


The Naturehike Cloud Up series is a super popular tent series on AliExpress from NatureHike. It comes in various styles, sizes and features. I’ll cover a few features that make this tent awesome.

Like most NatureHike tents, it comes with the usual features such as Compression Resistance, Insect Prevention, Waterproof, Windproof and Anti-snow.

There’re three models in the Cloud Up series. It has 4000mm & 3000mm. It’s made of 20D Nylon material.

The poles are made of 7001 Aluminum Alloy. There’re specific air pockets available for seamless ventilation.

The Cloud Up series has the Series 1, Series 2 and Series 3 that range from 1.5 kgs to 2.5 kgs,

Buy Link: https://s.click.aliexpress.com/e/_AfRIld

#8 Naturehike Mongar 2 Persons Camping Tent NH17T007-M

Mongar is NatureHike’s specific tent.

The Mongar 2 is a different type of camping tent that is a 3 season tent with a unique design.

It has in-built compression resistance, a net that can prevent insects from coming through while letting in air. It’s waterproof, windproof and also anti-snow.

The waterproof index of the tent fly is 4000mm and the inner tent is another 4000mm.

It weighs about 2.18 kgs and that’s because it’s made of 20D Nylon with silicone coating for the tent fly, inner tent and the bottom tent.

It’s meant for Spring, Summer and Autumn seasons. It has window options for better ventilation. A separate vestibule can be attached to make the tent bigger.

There’s 100cms of height inside. The whole tent can be rolled up to a size of 15 cms in width and 40 cms in length.

There’s built-in gear lofts to safely place any smartphones or other valuables.

Buy Link: https://s.click.aliexpress.com/e/_9uFmJt

#9 LanShan 2 3F UL GEAR 2 Person Rodless Tent


The tent is made of 15D Nylon with a waterproof index of 5000mm. The bottom of the tent is made of 20 nylon with a 8000mm waterproof index.

It weighs about 845 grams because it’s made of a high density mesh. It comes in two versions – the single person tent and the two persons tent.

When folded, the folding bag’s dimensions are 30 cm in length and 12 cm in width, which makes it one of the best folding tents in the market.

This tent is meant for Spring, Summer and Autumn and is not meant for camping during the winters.

Buy Link: https://s.click.aliexpress.com/e/_AT0Npv

#10 5-8 Person Large Camping Tent


Super big space, including 2 bedrooms and 1 living room. One bedroom is big enough for two person, and the Living room

is also big enough for 2 person sleeping or 4 person playing cards.

Mosquito repellent mesh net design, breathable, perfect for summer camping.

The door can be proped up by poles as a sunshade cover.

Anti-UV and waterproof protection Camping tent Cloth.

210T waterproof Oxford Cloth tent – Super waterproof and Strong quality.

Buy Link: https://s.click.aliexpress.com/e/_ASMoFh

Best AliExpress Sellers for Camping Tents

These are the two most popular tent brands on AliExpress and they literally have tents of all types and shapes.

#1 Naturehike Official Store

Naturehike have been the Top Brand on AliExpress for around 4+ years and with 98.2% positive reviews.

The Naturehike store has more than 396,000 followers.

The Naturehike store makes outdoor gear, including tents, rucksacks, inflatable mattresses, sleeping bags, mountain gear and camping essentials.

Naturehike’s tents come with a one year warranty and they’re quite popular in the camping space.

Check out the Naturehike store here>>

#2 3F UL GEAR Official Store

3F UL GEAR is one of the highly rated tent suppliers on AliExpress.

What makes 3F UL gear unique is their tent types are based on the number of people and the shapes as well. One of the popular 3F UL GEAR tent is the tunnel tent that can fit two people and looks like a tent and lays low.

The tens from 3F UL GEAR range from $100 to $300.

Check out the 3F UL GEAR Official Store here>>

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