Top 10 best Chinese Smartphone Stores on AliExpress

There are many different smartphone manufacturers on Aliexpress. There are even international brands like Apple. In this collection, we will not touch them, and will limit ourselves only to Chinese vendors.

Based on the reviews, reviews and ratings, the best Chinese smartphones are Xiaomi, OnePlus, realme and Honor. For a relatively low price, they offer high-quality devices that are not inferior to analogues of well-known brands. On average, for $ 150 you can buy a modern fast phone with a good camera and a lot of memory.

Only sellers with the “Top Brand” status participate in the TOP , have over 9,000 sales in the last six months and scores of at least 97%. Rankings are allocated based on this data.

10. UMIDIGI Online Store

Sells phones from the manufacturer Umidigi . Not as famous as other Chinese brethren, but judging by the reviews, it works well for its money.

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9. honor Mobile OfficiaI Store

Specializes in Honor branded products . There are not only phones, but also smartwatches and headphones.

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8. Xiaomi Official Store

A sophisticated name, but as it is clear from it, it specializes in the Xiaomi brand . Despite the eighth place, since he got into this top, then undoubtedly this seller can be trusted. Ratings and reviews confirm this.

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7. X SHOW Store

There are a lot of smartphones from various Chinese manufacturers: Lenovo, Meizu, Honor, Motorola, OnePlus and about 15-20 local brands are represented by this seller.

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6. Hongkong Willvast Store

There are several manufacturers: Honor, ZTE, Realme and a little Leeco . Various accessories can also be found. The rating is good enough. Average store and confidently takes the middle place in this TOP.

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5. MEIZU Official Store

As the name implies, the store specializes in Meziu products . In the presence of not only phones, but also other accessories from this company. The choice is not large, but there are many orders and the reviews are good.

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4. Chinatronic Store

A fairly large seller with a large number of products, sales and good ratings. The main assortment consists of: Vivo, Lenovo, Realme, Honor and there is a little from Nokia . There are also headphones and other small accessories.

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3. Xiaomi Mi Store

Completely and completely dedicated to the Xiaomi brand . He mainly sells smartphones, although there are a couple of bracelets, headphones, and some smart home stuff.

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2. Mi Global Store

Like the previous store, it completely specializes in Xiaomi products. The only difference is that in addition to a large heap of smartphones, a lot of other goods from this manufacturer are sold here. Sales and ratings are also quite high. He just wouldn’t have finished second.

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1. Hong Kong Goldway

We update this rating for the third time in two years and Honk Kong Goldway always remains the undisputed leader. Last year only specializes in Xiaomi products. And not in vain, because at the moment, these are the most purchased phones in the world from Chinese manufacturers.

More than 1 million sales and a rating above 98%. This is an absolute success. We ourselves bought smartphones from them for ourselves and the whole family and are planning to buy in the future. Good price and comes in quickly. It is enough to look at the ratings and read the reviews to make everything clear.

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There are many worthy producers among “China”. You can buy at any of these stores, and do not be afraid that you will receive a brick in the mail. The main thing is to decide for yourself what you need specifically. Also, don’t forget to read the reviews under each device.

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