TOP 10 Best Selling Products on AliExpress (July 2020)

What products sell best on AliExpress in July? It’s time to check the list. We have prepared this TOP list for you after studying the sales statistics by Alibaba Group (the owner of AliExpress). So, let’s take a look at what products sell most popular in July on AliExpress.

TOP 10 Best Selling Products on AliExpress

10. I9000 TWS Earbuds

Don’t be surprising! Almost every TOP list of Best Selling Products on AliExpress includes one or several bluetooth earphones. Since AirPods’ launch, more and more people want one pair of true wireless bluetooth earphones that’s convenient to carry and support wireless charging and with great music sound quality. There’re thousands of Chinese electronic sellers selling various versions of tws earbuds on AliExpress. Here we suggest you buying from HiWorld, a seller focusing on high quality AirPods replicas (no logos). They have 2 versions for AirPods 2. This one is with affordable price. Functions are great!

#9 ACEHE Contactless Thermometer

A contactless thermometer is a thing that is needed now more than ever before. Now you can’t enter any place without measuring the temperature. We also need it to know we and our other family members are healthy when at home. The price is really low, that’s why the good is so popular.

#8 Magnetic USB Cable

According to the number of monthly sales, people are replacing all USB cables with these.

#7 Charger with Multiple Connectors

This thing is a very necessary thing when you on vacation. Because there’re only 2 or even free socket in a hotel room. Even if when at home, it will also make your home organized and tidy by saving space. It’s really really useful for keeping our desk tidy and organized.

#6 Gel Varnishes Rosalind

People are purchasing this gel lacquer because it’s really good quality with the low price.

#5 Cotton Top

This tank crop top is seamless and made of color cotton, soft, comfortable, breathable and eco-friendly. Many colors available. It sells very well, about 40,000 orders in the past month.

#4 Led Selfie Ring

It’s not just for Instagram models, everyone who loves sharing life photos and videos online like TikTok, YouTube and Facebook.They can also be useful for makeup artists. This lamp really shines very brightly, indicating errors of your work that you will not immediately notice.

#3 Vacuum Device For Removing Black Dots

According to the reviews, this tool is a good alternative to cosmetic cleaning. Especially during the quarantine, when cosmetic companies do not work. That is impossible for girls to live with black dots on their face. Despite the isolation, you need to always take care of yourself.

#2 A tape expander

That is useful thing for girls who are used to spending every day in the gym, and then the bummer due to quarantine. It will help to keep your body in good condition even without a gym.

#1 Muscle stimulator

People are ready to everything for sport. This myostimulating trainer is suitable for press and buttocks. The manufacturer promises a slim, toned body, even when you do nothing. I’m not sure that it works, but the reviews are positive.

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