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Top 10 Wholesale Bikinis Suppliers in China

by Helen

In this article, I am going to share you a list of Top 10 Wholesale Bikinis Suppliers in China. All these bikini suppliers have stores on AliExpress that means you can retail one bikini, you can buy several styles of bikinis, you can also small wholesale bikinis.

Before placing the order, please be sure to bargain with the AliExpress bikini sellers to get a better price. The more you buy, the cheaper the prices will be.

Why wholesale bikinis from AliExpress?

Unlike finding a bikini wholesaler through Google, there will be much more bikini styles for you to choose if you choose AliExpress. You can wholesale bikinis from different AliExpress bikini stores. The only thing you need to do is to ask the AliExpress bikini sellers offer you a wholesale price. Do tell the bikini sellers you’re finding a bikini supplier and will wholesale bikinis from them again and again in the future.

#10 Handmade swimsuit Store

Like the store name, this bikini store is aimed at handmade bikinis. All its selling bikinis are knitted of cottons.

Handmade swimsuit Store link:


#9 PLAVKY Bikini1 Store

PLAVKY Bikini1 Store sells various styles of modern bikinis. Its target groups are modern women who love fashion and have the pursuit of latest fashion trends. Check its best selling bikinis below:

PLAVKY Bikini1 Store link:


#8 Swmmer Liket Official Store

Swmmer Liket sells more than 1000 styles of bikinis. Its bikinis’ iconic style is sexy and bold.

Swmmer Liket Official Store link:


#7 Bikinx Store

Like Swmmer Liket, Bikinx also sells hundreds of bikinis. Different from Swmmer Liket, Bikinx’s main bikinis’ style is sweet and lovely.

Bikinx Store link:


#6 BeachShiny Official Store

There’re more than 400 beautiful bikinis selling on BeachShiny Official Store. From its customer reviews, BeachShiny’s bikinis are all with great quality and the prices are a little higher than other AliExpress bikini stores. But don’t worry, the bikinis from BeachShiny Official Store are still affordable when compared to your local bikini stores. The bikini styles from BeachShiny are mixed, sexy, bold, cute or queen style. But in general, BeachShiny’s bikinis are all with simple and classic designs.

BeachShiny Official Store link:


#5 Telaura Beachwear Store

Telaura Beachwear Store ships out more than 6000 bikini orders every month. Although it only has 200+ bikinis in it store but every bikini is with fabulous design. The styles are very classic and suit European and American girls’ taste perfectly. In person, I love its pastoral style bikinis best.

Telaura Beachwear Store link:


#4 ZerZerOne Official Store

ZerZerOne is a professional bikini brand which has its own bikini design team and working factory. So definitely it can provide you direct bikini factory prices.

ZerZerOne Official Store link:


#3 RUUHEE Official Store

RUUHEE’s one piece bikinis sell good.

RUUHEE Official Store link:


#2 Minimalism Le Official Store

Simple designs, best prices.

Minimalism Le Official Store link:


❤❤❤❤❤❤#1 sporlike Official Store❤❤❤❤❤❤

Sporlike is the No.1 bikini store on AliExpress which sells more than 10,000 order per month. Various bikini styles, rather affordable prices. The below 3 bikinis are even sold more than 10,000 times during recent three months. The store positive rating is 98.5%. Very high! Sporlike should be your first choice when wholesaling bikinis from China through AliExpress. Contact the seller if they can provide you a wholesale price.

sporlike Official Store link:


Thanks for reading and wish your bikini business is booming this summer!

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