Top 5 Best Kids Toys Storage Boxes on AliExpress 2019

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After the arrival of my daughter Sophia, I bought many storage boxes home. I used these storage boxes to put Sophiaโ€™s toys and books. They helped me a lot to keep the whole house tidy and clean.

#5 Embroidery Cartoon Animal Storage Box


This kids storage box is made of canvas, non-toxic, safe and environmental. The size is 33*33cm. It can be used to put small toys and regular books.


#4 Lazy Foldable Storage Bag


Almost every kid likes playing toys on the floor. Even when you just tidied up the room, kids will throw toys everywhere immediately. This storage bag is very useful and practical.


#3 Bus Shape Toys Organizer


This storage box is with good quality. I have two at my own home. Sophia can sit or even stand on the box. Big toys and big size books can be put into it also.


#2 Oxford Cloth Cartoon Animal Storage Box


Made of fabric and Oxford cloth, non-toxic, safe and environmental. The size is 33*33cm. You can put some some toys and regular notebooks into it.


#1 Toy Container


This toy is made of non-toxic and environmental fabric material. The size is 34*55cm. Can hold various sizes of dolls, idle clothes, etc.

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