Top 10 Shoe Vendors on AliExpress 2021

Shoes has been one of the most popular products on AliExpress all these years. Shoes selling on AliExpress are made of high quality materials and with cheap affordable prices. Millions of styles are available for you to choose from. However, finding the right shoe vendor who has the best collection and the best prices are not easy. Here we curated a list of the Best AliExpress Shoe Vendors. For women’s shoes, men’s shoes, kids’ shoes, AliExpress have them all.

Review of Top Shoe Sellers on Aliexpress

Top 10 Shoe Vendors on AliExpress

The 10 stores listed below are official stores from official brands. Even though you might not have heard of these brands, they’re popular on AliExpress.

Buying shoes from China – A Simple Guide

  • Shoes from China are super cheap and have the best quality. But if you pay a very low price, then you shouldn’t be expecting very high quality. On average, shoes from China and Aliexpress cost 30% to 40% lesser than the shoes you can purchase from local stores.
  • There is a size difference between the shoe sizes in China and shoe sizes in Europe. There is a measuring guide at the end of the article that will help you pick the right size of the shoe.
  • Considering footwear are similar to clothing and there can be issues, you need to look out for ’90 Day moneyback guarantee’ or ‘Return Policy’ in the product page of the seller. If they have this, then you can easily exchange or replace your footwear, if you don’t like them.
  • When you are buying Running shoes on Aliexpress, make sure to not buy something very cheap as it can tear quickly. There are many running shoe options and anything in the price range of $20 to $30 is good. The $9 running shoes might tear very easily.
  • The price range for the top shoe vendors on Aliexpress are from $5 to $100. If you are buying shoes for anything more than that, then it’s not worth buying on Aliexpress as you can get them from a retail store or other brand stores. Aliexpress is all about cheap shoes!

AliExpress Shoe Vendors by Category


Mens Dress Shoes

Women’s Boots


Kids Shoes

Women's & Men's Boots

Women's Flats

Women's Boots

Women's Sneakers, Boots, Sandals, Flats

Women's Boots

Women's Boots & Heels

#1 Piergitar

On this store, you can get classic designs of both women and men loafers. You can buy men boots and dress shoes at reasonable prices. If you want to get the children loafers, then also you can have a look at the store. Everyone can get his/her choice of shoes at this store while the quality of the shoes is fantastic and there are no chances that you will regret the decision of buying shoes from this store. You can get shoes with fashionable stitching, classic styles, and various other design.

Click here to visit the store

#2 Morazora

Winters can’t be spent well without wearing stylish snow boots, and you can’t get a better pair of them other than MoraZora. For winters, you can get wool boots which comes with classy designs and heels. No one is forcing you to wear particularly designed boots because you have the opportunity to select from a wide range of colorful knee boots with pencil heels or no heels. All the company has decided is to provide satisfaction to the customers and you can also get high quality of unique ankle boots on this store.

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#3 Old Friend Store

Old Friend Store is a popular shoe store for both women and men. No matter what you’re looking for, women boots, men boots, women flats, women casual shoes, men casual shoes, women sandals, women’s pumps, it will always satisfy you. According to the customer feedback, their shoes are very comfortable to wear.

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Whether you want to buy sneakers or floaters, you can get all kinds of shoes for your kids on HJSUN FOR YOU store. You are never going to regret the decision of buying shoes from this store. There are unlimited options for shoes, and you can select a particular type of option according to the requirement of your kid. The right size of shoes can be purchased from this store at reasonable prices.

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#5 BUFFIE boot Store

BUFFIE boot Store has been selling boots professionally on AliExpress for over 6 years. It is based on the sale of winter warm Bologna boots/Russian felt boots. There is not much choice in the store, but if you are looking for such shoes, there are plenty of them to find your pair. The store’s rating is 99.5% which is very rare on AliExpress, especially when the store is already 6 years old.

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#6 STQ Offical

The seller has a lot of good ratings and a large number of sales. The entire range is not expensive and in use. Here you will find goods for all seasons and different styles.

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This shop prefer many bloggers. That is so because it has an incredible quality and good service. He’s also very generous. There are great coupons are available often. Their bestsellers are comfortable casual shoes. Recently, their products were diluted with warm winter ugg boots, which became sales hits, and raised this store to a new level.

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#8 BeauToday Official Store

Despite the rather expensive assortment, people are willing to purchase goods here. And that is due to the good service and product quality. All shoes are made of high quality genuine leather. Beau Today is not just a store, but a Chinese brand. There are both youth models and classic models here.

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#9 Donna-in Official Store

The store of branded goods offers its customers only high-quality shoes, which are made of genuine leather. There are a lot of styles and models, everyone will find what they like. Price varies from average to expensive.

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#10 steinmeier Official Store

Due to the name, you might think that the shoes are made somewhere in Germany. But that is wrong, they sew it in China, as well as all the goods that are sold on AliExpress. The main style of the product is retro. It is created manually by highly qualified employees. Almost everything is made of genuine leather.

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Are Shoes on Aliexpress authentic?

Aliexpress is known for its shoes. The shoe category is probably the biggest on Aliexpress. There are different kinds of shoe sellers on Aliexpress.

  • The replica shoe sellers
  • Original shoe brand sellers
  • Other brand sellers

Replicas are exact product copies of brands like Nike, Adidas, Puma, Reebok, Underamour and more. If you are looking for authentic Nike shoes and Adidas shoes, you will find them too.

But if I had to pick the best category of the lot, I would choose the ‘other brands’. These brands are from Chinese shoe vendors who create their own products.

These are some of the best priced and most stylish shoes you will find on Aliexpress. If you are looking for ‘Aliexpress Shoes’, then look out for these Chinese shoe brands.

Aliexpress Shoe Size Guide

Shoe sizes on Aliexpress are a mystery. A lot of people have got them wrong and ended up with wrong sizes. I’ve been at the receiving end of a wrong sized shoe and I had to give it to my younger cousin.

But if you don’t want to make the mistake I made, then pay attention to the sizing guide. You can click on the sizing guide button next to any shoe product.

You need to measure the width of your feet as well as the length from heel to toe. Chinese shoe size is different from the shoe size in countries like the U.S. and the U.K.

Top Nike Shoe Sellers on AliExpress

AliExpress Nike shoes are so much in demand that they have their own cult following. So if you are looking for Nike shoes on AliExpress, take a look at the below list:

  • Top Sports Flagship Store

  • Olympic Sports Flagship Store

  • Sneaker Online Store

  • Sports101 Store

  • Professional outdoor high quality Store

  • GlobalSports Store

  • best Sports stores

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