Two Big Changes in AliExpress Hair 2017

AliExpress regulated its hair category this year. Formerly there’re too many STRANGE and UNRULY phenomenons. At the very start, we think 3A was the best hair grade. Then some AliExpress hair vendors released 5A hair items. Then 7A, 8A, etc. All these A hair grades were created by the hair sellers themselves. There’re no industry standards for human hair. Also about the hair origins, there’re many ones, like Brazilian, Peruvian, Indian, Malaysian, Chinese, Vietnamese, etc. It all depends on luck if you can find a good hair vendor. Many AliExpress hair vendors shared a same hair supplier before. Also one AliExpress hair vendor may had several AliExpress hair stores with different names. Too many unknown secrets.

1. Hair Grade

After the regulation, there’re only 3 hair grades in AliExpress, Virgin Hair, Remy Hair and Non-remy Hair.

Virgin hair is the best and highest quality hair on the market. It can refer to the remy hair has not been chemically altered and its roots and tips are running in the same direction. In another word, virgin hair is completely unprocessed, never permed, never dyed, never colored, never bleached, never chemically processed in any way. It also comes from a single person.

Remy hair is gathered from the head of  one single donor in a  special way to keep the hair’s cuticles properly aligned in relation to its neighboring hairs. All the cuticles of remy hair are intact, running in the same direction. So when all hair strands follow the same direction, you can rest assured you are getting a high quality bundle of remy hair which be free of tangling.

Non-remy hair is the left over hair that’s gathered from salons, the floors of temples, brushes and other places. It has been cut, colored and can be in different directions. Non-remy hair is a happy choice between high quality remy hair and low quality synthetic or Yaki hair.

2. Hair Selling Methods

In the past, most hair extensions on AliExpress were sold by bundle. If means buyers always bought a bundle of 3 or 4 hair weaves along with a hair closure. It saved a lot of girls’ time and energy to decide how many hair bundles and closure they should buy. But now all AliExpress hair vendors are asked to sell only single hair bundle. It means you need to put hair items into cart one by one. Actually I really dislike current hair selling method. I think it’s not only a waste of buyers’ time, but also costs the sellers’ time to answer the buyers’ very easy questions like how many bundles do I need. (Leave a comment to join the discussion and tell your own ideas.)

ps. I don’t know if you girls have noticed many AliExpress hair vendors who both sold hair extensions and wigs are only selling hair extensions or wigs now.

Now let’s take a random chat. After the regulation, AliExpress hair sales are dropping. It’s really necessary to regulate the hair industry. But why not find a professional person to do this right thing? Some AliExpress hair sellers said AliExpress didn’t ask any suggestions from any hair sellers. The new policy was published unilaterally. The good news is that AliExpress may also realized some mistakes they did during the process of regulating. They’re improving the new hair policy bit by bit.

Finally, I strongly suggest you girls to search the right hair extensions & wigs by using your own search terms. AliExpress official search filter will narrow your search results in a large degree.

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  1. I truly agree I noticed that change with aliexpress and decided to go with Dhgate I get what I want and so far I haven’t had bad quality hair.

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