What’s The Difference Between Water Wave Hair And Curly Hair?

Nowadays, human hair extensions and human hair wigs are becoming more and more popular worldwide, and there are more and more hairstyles available on the hair market, sometimes we get confused with water wave hair and curly hair. So today, we are going to talk about water wave hair and curly hair.

About Water Wave Hair

Water wave hair is one of the most popular hairstyles in the hair market. Many women love water wave human hair extensions and wigs with natural soft S-shaped curls, and it is effortless to blend with natural hair. The hair texture is light, silky, and lustrous, so it’s not easy to get tangled.

About Curly Hair 

Curly hair is also known as Jerry curly; curly hair is in a small and tight curls pattern that is not quite the same as the regular waves. So curly hair is more like the curls pattern of the natural hair of African American women hair. In general, curly hair looks very fluffy and bulky, so this hair is fit for someone who likes full fill head.

Water Wave Hair Vs. Curly Hair

The Difference Between Water Wave Hair And Curly Hair

There are many differences between water wave hair and curly hair; the most distinguishing difference is curls. The curls of curly hair bundles are small and tight, while the water wave is looser and in a big S shape. In addition, curly hair is in irregular curls pattern.

The Similarity Of Water Wave Hair And Curly Hair

Both water wave hair and curly hair are the pop hairstyle for girls; they are both in curl pattern, they are both suitable to wear in the hot summertime, which will make you feel cool during the hot days. The hair texture of virgin curly hair is the same as the water wave hair; they are soft, silky, and lustrous. Both the water wave hair and curly hair are versatile; they can fit for any occasion, from the office to the vocation, show your eternal beauty to everyone.

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