How to Wholesale Human Hair from China: Identifying Good Distributors

In my former post: How to Wholesale Human Hair from China: Find a Distributor I have talked about how to find hair distributors from China. If you have read it, you must get your own intentional hair distributor list. Today I will talk about how to identify good hair distributors from the long long list.

We must be very clear about which kind of hair distributors can be recognized GOOD. In my opinion, a good hair distributor must meet these standards: having good quality hair items you are selling, high competitive wholesale prices, quick and good communication, no damage and fast delivery service, can custom hair items based on your special needs, always honest and no hiding for anything.

Step 1: Tell Your True Needs to The Hair Distributors in Your List

You should tell your true needs to the hair distributors you feel interested, such as what kind of hair business you plan to set foot in ( open a hair salon, make a small local online business shop, etc). You don’t need to tell the real details of your business, such as where you plan to open your hair salon. Just remember you don’t need to reveal your business secrets & detailed ideas, but it’s so important to share your general business idea with your wishlist hair distributors. Honesty is the first important step to do a successful business. If you tell your true needs, the hair distributors can provide you more professional service, real wholesale prices, very useful suggestions, etc.

In this step, you will find not all hair distributors in your list replies you. There’re too many reasons. They may think your business is small and they only care about big business. They have many business to do and hair is only a very small part. No matter what the reason is, you shouldn’t consider the ones who can’t reply fast and even they say how good their hair items are. Both good communication and fine quality hair items are must for a good hair distributor.

In the process of communication, you will find many things you haven’t met before. From the words, product / factory photos and product information the distributors provide, you will find some ones who’re exaggerating their business. They may say well we’re a very big hair factory or we company have very good cooperation with top-class Chines hair factories. The thing is do you really believe them? Make your own decide based on the truth you can get.

Step 2: Get Hair Samples

Don’t haggle over if the samples can be sent free of charge since almost all hair distributors don’t provide this kind of service.

There’re 2 reasons: some people cheat for hair extensions & wigs with the name of wholesale business; too many people need hair samples. What kind of hair samples you should take at first? Natural black color, body wave, 20 inch. Don’t take too many hair samples at first. You can take one from each hair distributor.

Through this step, you will get a very small list that there may be only 2 or 3 hair bundles you feel satisfied. You can take some other hair samples based on your personal needs, such as straight, yaki, blonde, ombre, kinky curly, etc.

The 3 best selling hair extensions are straight, body wave and loose wave.

Step 3: Talk Cooperation Details and Make a Decide

In the process of taking hair samples, you can know the distributors’ delivery and package service well. You can also know if their stock is always available or often out of stock. Now there’re some cooperation details you need to consider: will wholesale prices be lower if you have a huge demand, if they can afford custom hair items based on your special requirements, if they can ship your order out in the delivery way you ask (UPS, DHL or Fedex), should you pay first then they ship out, etc.

Thanks for reading and I will share on my blog if I have new ideas on this topic. Don’t forget to leave your own opinion or questions below.

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