Why I Choose TYMO Ring Hair Straightener?

About Hair Straighteners

The most common hair straighteners come in flat iron and brush models. To use a flat iron, place a segment of hair between two heated plates and press them together to iron the hair straight. Straightening brushes look just like a normal hairbrush, but you plug them in and the heat works to straighten your hair as you brush it out.

Choose a lightweight model that’s easy to hold and provides a secure grip. Fine hair doesn’t require as much heat to straighten as coarse hair, so you won’t need a model that gives off intense heat.

The length of your hair determines the size of the hair straightener you need. For short hair, use a straightener that’s 1 inch or smaller in width to ensure you can grasp the strands. Long and medium hair lengths benefit from using straighteners between 1 and 2 inches in width.

Why I Choose TYMO Ring Hair Straightener?

The TYMO Ring Hair Straightener Saves Me Wild Amounts of Time in the A.M.


  • High quality, innovative design with a cool matte finish
  • Still flexible and easy to maneuver
  • 3D-ring structure with heating teeth instead of traditional bristles

TYMO Ring is ostensibly a hair straightener, it doesn’t look like your average straightening iron. Rather, it’s a super-sleek straightening comb, with a brush-like design that applies heat as you move it from roots to ends. Don’t worry: it has an anti-scald feature to prevent a painful scalp situation from happening. First impressions? Appearance and quality-wise, it’s definitely unique and impressive compared to other hair tools. It comes in a protective pouch alongside some seriously helpful extras, such as a small brush that fits into the palm of your hand, two hair clips, and a heat-protective glove. 

So ahead of a busy morning stacked with meetings, I roughly blow dried my hair, spritzed on a heat protectant, and plugged in the straightening brush. I started a pot of coffee while I was waiting for the tool to heat up and literally 60 seconds later, as promised, the Ring was hot and ready to go. It comes with five temperature settings that range from 266 degrees (for thinner or finer hair) to 410 degrees (for thick, curly textures), so I settled on the second-highest of 374 degrees, since I have a ton of hair and didn’t want to do multiple passes with the brush.

I thought there might be a learning curve, since the Ring doesn’t feature the usual clamp-and-pull design, but I was straight-up delighted to find that wielding this thing is easy. The comb-like aspect of it also offered some mild detangling as I pulled it through my hair, and I loved that the innovative design seemed to distribute the heat more evenly than just pressing all of my hair between a straightening iron. It works immediately (what a concept!), so you don’t need to go over each strand again and again to see results. It’s also lightweight, so my arm didn’t ache while I was styling.

The TYMO Ring smoothed my hair instantly, left it looking shiny and full, and effectively straightened without requiring second or third passes—basically the dream when you’re crunched for time. That makes it a super-efficient tool, too, since I didn’t have to fuss with it and could instead move from section to section quickly. All told, I straightened my shoulder-length hair in about 10 minutes, and it still felt soft and healthy to the touch.The best part, though, is that I can use it to get more than just the pin-straight hair I dreamed of as a teen in the early ’00s. Rather, I can use it to create myriad hairstyles, from a salon-like blowout to a retro flip. It’s also a quick way to prep hair for other styles, like sleek fishtail braids or elegant chignons.

The combo of versatility and speed makes the TYMO Ring clutch for pretty much anyone who doesn’t have enough hours in the day. 

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